Green and black tea: which for hypotensive, and what is for hypertensive patients?

Green is traditionally considered to be more useful, as the Eastern tea culture more honors green varieties. But not so simple. Black and green tea is one plant, but with different forms of fermentation. In fermentation, is the various effects of tea on the body. One of them is shown the hypertensive and the hypotensive.

Зеленый и черный чай: какой для гипотоников, а какой для гипертоников?

The healing power of tea is that it contains alkaloids and antioxidants. If the latter is more or less clear, the action of alkaloids on the body are more complex.

The most well known alkaloid – caffeine. Other contained in tea theobromine, nephilin, gipoksantin and paraxanthine – antagonists caffeine. When the tea enters the body, first comes into play caffeine, but its effect is short-lived, as the alkaloids antagonists have the opposite effect – reducing a tonus of vessels, calms, lowers blood pressure.

Black tea – for hypotensive

Fermentation, which takes place in the plant before becoming familiar to us black tea, allows you to save a number of vitamins and compounds that provide a sustained effect of caffeine. Therefore, black tea keeps blood vessels toned longer and is ideal for hypotensive patients.

Green tea for high blood pressure

The effects of caffeine in green tea comes quickly, and the action of the antagonists more sharply, so the green tea in the future will not increase the pressure.