Green tea can harm women’s health


Scientists believe that excessive green tea can negatively affect female fertility.

Зеленый чай может навредить женскому здоровью

American scientists came to the conclusion that excessive consumption of green tea can lead to infertility in women. During the experiments with fruit flies it was found that green tea may have a negative impact on fertility and life expectancy of the females.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants that help the body defend itself against cancer and infections, help the heart, blood vessels, nervous system. In addition, there are also a lot of vitamins and minerals. But as it turned out, excessive consumption of tea may harm women, depriving them of the ability to conceive a child.

During the experiment, scientists exposed embryos and larvae of fruit flies of Drosophila the effects of various dosages of polyphenols contained in green tea. As it turned out, the flies just 10 milligrams of polyphenols, that females began to appear anomalies of the reproductive system. In addition, the life expectancy of females decreased by 17%. For males the polyphenols had a similar effect. All the flies are more sensitive to thermal stress and starvation, but the polyphenols helped protect them from dehydration.

The scientists noted that the human body is much more complicated and larger, so for people this dose of polyphenols does not represent danger. Most probably to get a negative effect you need to drink too much tea, and this is unlikely. Much more dangerous supplements that contain green tea – they should be careful. The study will be continued to determine safe dosages for humans.

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