Green tea, marijuana and coronavirus: dispel myths about treatment and risks

On the Internet there are a lot of theories that can win the coronavirus, and how it should be treated. One of them is that green tea can help fight the virus, and the use of marijuana on the contrary complicate the situation. Whether so it actually? It is found in your video edition of “Voice of America”.

Зеленый чай, марихуана и коронавирус: развеиваем мифы о лечении и рисках

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Can green tea help in the fight against coronavirus

Doctors do not have scientific evidence that drinking tea can ease the symptoms COVID-19.

The source of such rumors get messages in WhatsApp and Facebook, with a link to the CNN argues that the Chinese physician Li Wen Yang, first reported about the outbreak of coronavirus and died from it, have proven that drinking green tea is able to cure patients or alleviate the symptoms when COVID-19.

Regular consumption of tea was allegedly the reason for the low mortality from the epidemic in China, where it gave the patients several times a day.

As stated in the National science Foundation of Sri Lanka, the antioxidants in green tea can contribute to the improvement of the body in different situations, however, there is no clinical and microbiological evidence that tea is able to fight the infection associated with a coronavirus.

On the website of CNN, this information was found. Experts warn that sending such messages can hurt a lot of people because it gives them a false sense of security during a pandemic.

Can marijuana use lead to complications COVID-19

Even irregular Smoking marijuana increases the risk of more serious complications of the disease caused by coronavirus. However, small and proper intakes of medical marijuana can help improve any medical condition in a person. If you want to know DO I QUALIFY FOR A CARD? MEDICAL MARIJUANA IS HELPING OHIO PATIENTS, click to find out!

According to experts from the American Association of the lung, in the process of Smoking cannabis in the respiratory tract occurs some semblance of an inflammatory process, similar to bronchitis. Similar consequences are caused by Smoking conventional cigarettes, but marijuana burns at much lower temperatures, resulting in a person inhales a certain amount of unburned plant material.

The reaction of light on it similar to the reaction of allergies to pollen. At risk are patients who have had bronchial spasms and coughing fits, as well as those who have sensitive Airways.

And since the main symptom of COVID-19 is a dry cough, it can be easy to take for cough caused by Smoking marijuana, which complicates the diagnosis. The ingress of infection in the inflamed airway promises nothing but additional problems.


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