Green took a photo of Elizabeth may more environmentally correct (PHOTO)

Зеленые сделали фото Элизабет Мэй более экологически корректным (ФОТО)

Another week, another scandalous photo of canadian politics, behind the headlines of many media.

Federal election add up is much more interesting than anyone could have predicted.

The green party of Canada has admitted that they used a “modified” photo leader Elizabeth may on its official website.

The image in question was processed using Photoshop, not in order to make teeth a lighter tone or remove blemishes, and in the hand of the leader of the party was reusable Cup with a metal straw.

In an article published in the National Post on Tuesday, political observers Mora forest and Stuart Thomson indicate a discrepancy between the picture, which occupies a significant place on the website of the Green party, and almost identical with image published in July by

On the web site of the party you can see how Mae is holding a reusable Cup with a metal straw. The photo on iPolitics, though circumcised, and hand it hardly to guess, but the tube there is clearly no.

On Tuesday afternoon the editor of PressProgress Luc Lebrun (LeBrun Luke) has posted the archive link on neobreznoy version of the photo, and in this form it originally appeared on the website of the Green party in June.

This photo shows that Mei is holding a disposable Cup for hot drinks company GreenStripe, which States on its website that although it is 100% made using renewable resources, recyclable Cup not be.

On the question of the metal tube, the representative of the Green Party Rosie emery told reporters the National Post that “Photoshop was used to add the cups, which shows the logo of the Green Party”.

Emery said he did not know why was to finish the tube, but, in her opinion, not to “make a statement” regarding the environmental positions may.

However, the full election platform of the green Party includes a section devoted to plastic pollution, and offers a national strategy to combat plastic waste, in which the call to “ban the manufacture, distribution and sale of all redundant or unessential disposable plastics made from oil” by 2022.

Of course, it’s not “numerous images of Justin Trudeau with a brown and black makeup”, but Twitter users have another chance to compete in wit on the second major photo scandal “shook” Canada in the run-up to elections on 21 October.

“I don’t know if Canada ever recover from the horror of this scandal,” wrote one user.

She may have not publicly commented on the situation, but some of its supporters have advocated that step.

“Given the opportunity, I think that Elizabeth may would prefer to have a reusable Cup and a metal straw, but such opportunities are not systematically missing,” wrote one of them on Twitter.