Greenhouse for microorganisms: why disposable gloves do not protect against coronavirus

If the efficiency of protective masks in preventing COVID-19 doubts practically does not remain, the need for their use is acknowledged by the world health organization (who), the answer to the question of how to protect against coronavirus gloves rather negative. So what are these doubts? It turned edition of DW.

Теплица для микроорганизмов: почему одноразовые перчатки не защищают от коронавируса

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Protection only for a short time

Although the doctors and the entire medical staff in their work must use disposable gloves, they protect the hand only from the dirt, for example blood and other biological fluids. Protection from bacteria and viruses gloves provide only for a very short time.

The thing is that the gloves are made of a porous material. So the longer you wear them, the easier pathogens can penetrate. This is one of the reasons why doctors after using disposable gloves, carefully wash and disinfect hands.

A false sense of sterility

Disposable gloves, vinyl, latex or nitrile create a sense of sterility, however, this impression is very deceptive. While many people wearing gloves, more carefully monitor so as not to touch the face, they still quite often do it inadvertently.

Moreover, doctors warn that wearing of gloves may even increase the risk of infection. Disposable gloves skin very quickly begins to sweat. A warm and humid climate is an ideal environment for bacteria and viruses of all kinds.

German physician mark Hunefeld in Twitter and Facebook urging the public to stop wearing medical gloves in the home.

“In a warm and moist environment under the glove bacteria readily multiply. After removing the gloves you have on hand is formed a real cesspool, to congratulate you,” wrote Hanefeld.

Gloves are easier to become infected with the virus?

Similar opinion is shared by a pulmonologist Jens Matthew. In an interview, he said that the gloves not only protect from infection with coronavirus, but could even contribute to this.

“Within a very short time disposable glove collects on its surface much more bacteria than a recently washed hand,” says the doctor.

The head of the Austrian society for infection control (ÖGKH) Oan Assadian has been for many years warning people against the inappropriate use of medical gloves.

“I would not recommend people without knowledge of medicine to wear disposable gloves at home. Require some knowledge and training when removing disposable gloves adhering to them microorganisms stayed, but not appear then on the hands, wrists or sleeves of outerwear,” explains infectious disease.

So, if you want to protect against coronavirus yourself and your loved ones, you need to adhere to traditional preventive measures — wash hands thoroughly with soap and to refrain from visiting public places. And wear disposable gloves when going to the store, certainly not worth it.


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