Gregory Reshetnik demonstrated another of his talent

Thursday, October 17, the leading romantic reality “the Bachelor” (STB) Gregory Reshetnik celebrated its 36th anniversary. The presenter was congratulated by fans, colleagues and Ukrainian (and not only) stars, but in addition to this, he could not resist and congratulated himself.

Григорий Решетник продемонстрировал ещё один свой талант

In honor of his birthday Gregory Reshetnik has published in social network Instagram the verse of his authorship on the day of birth.

I — 36! Something I made up.
Probably… I don’t really know
But I know for sure that success is grasped
Though at the moment I’m listening to glory.

I blame myself, day and night suffering,
That I am weak sometimes and boring to distraction.
But every time him solada,
I am proud, for thinking and meditation.

They give me strength, inspire,
They bear me beyond the horizons region.
Sometimes, of course, relax,
But most of all his shouting.

You can be more successful today
And tomorrow may be brighter, we know.
But, more importantly, russlish you cry Lord,
That life is even more beautiful Paradise.

Live and enjoy the will certainly
You every moment, passing second
Through the soul sincere, oblivious
All those dreams, what thoughts go.

Today you take a breath with all my heart
The scent of love floating everywhere
Grab a pen, think of yourself as a baby
And scraped up: I was happy, so I continue and I will!