Greta Thunberg changed her Twitter account after remarks about her Putin (PHOTO)

Swedish schoolgirl and eco-activist Greta Thunberg changed the description in his profile on Twitter after Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on her speech at the UN.

On Wednesday, Putin said he did not share enthusiasm for the performances of Thunberg, although it welcomed the fact that adolescents and young people “pay attention to the acute problems of today, including environmental problems”.”But when children and teenagers someone uses to their advantage, is worthy only of condemnation,” said the President of the Russian Federation.

He expressed confidence that Greta – “good girl and a very sincere”, but suggested that nobody explained that “the modern world is complex and diverse”. The President also expressed support for the authorities of the Russian Federation of the ideas that are associated with the development of renewable sources of energy, Recalling, in particular, on the adoption by Moscow of the Paris climate agreement, on the steps of the Russian Federation on the limitation of emissions, development of alternative energy sources and so on.

Description in Thunberg’s profile now reads: “Good, but ill-informed girl.” Earlier Thunberg put in the description your profile the phrase “Very happy girl who looks forward to a bright and beautiful future”, which responded to her statement at the UN the US President Donald trump.

In his speech, ecoactivity accused world leaders in a deadly lack of attention to the global problem of climate change that could affect the future of humanity. Internet skeptics responded by accusing Greta in acrimony and suggested that it is a PR puppet used in the financial interests of their parents and others. However, evidence that was not presented.

Schoolgirl Greta Thunberg in 2018 instead of going to school began to come to the Swedish Parliament to demand the authorities to strengthen measures to combat climate change. Her initiative grew into an international movement Friday’s climate strike – FridaysForFuture. According to the conclusion of the intergovernmental panel on climate change (MGEC), then humanity needs to significantly reduce CO2 emissions to prevent warming above 1.5 degrees. However, so far only 12 countries have officially confirmed their commitments to reduce emissions.