‘Grey’ tanker crashed off the coast of Odessa, a seriously polluted water. The team refused to rescue (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

'Серый' танкер потерпел аварию у берегов Одессы, серьезно загрязнив воды. Команда отказывалась от спасения (ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

Tanker Delfi under the Moldovan flag was in distress off the coast of Odessa, as a result, the concentration of oil products in the water exceeded the norm in 90 times, said the publication “Duma,” the Deputy chief of state ecoinspection of the Crimean-black sea region Nikolay Gavrikov.

According to the portal, the tanker was anchored in the area from may 2019, with end of 2018 he has no ship’s papers. Marine Agency of Moldova, said that Delfi was deprived of the right to walk under the flag of the Republic over a year ago. His owner in the UK, and the port – Romania.

At the meeting of the working group on accident it turned out that 19 November was the background to ensure that the ship emergency and assistance required, reports UNN. The evening of 20 November, the tanker gave the signal SOS, and then began emergency rescue operation in the port “South”.

The ship tried to anchor, but due to bad weather conditions start to drift in the direction of the port of Odessa. On the night of November 22, it in an unresponsive state took to the open sea. Subsequently, the tanker ran aground near the beach “Dolphin”, preciouses on the side. Of the holes in the hull began to leak an oily fluid.

The rescue operation was complicated by a storm, and the refusal of the captain of the tanker to leave the ship. According to the captain of the port of Odessa Cyril Dry, people posing as representatives of the shipowner, had forbidden the crew to take any action due to their high cost.

The crew consisted of three people – the captain, chief engineer and sailor. According to acting head of administration of Odessa sea port Denis Karpov, the crew three days struggled for life without food, water, and lighting, have been mentally and physically depressed. Fuel reserves to maintain operation of the diesel generator on the ship last until November 18.

Every sailor with the help of divers and rescuers on the rope were transported to shore in an ice storm-water, where were waiting for the doctors. The most difficult was the evacuation of the captain, who had already lost consciousness and was in the interior of the vessel, reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to the head of the search and rescue service of the Navy command of the armed forces of Ukraine Alexey Nesterov.

Delfi was built in 1974 in Bulgaria. This RAID-port bunkering vessel intended for the carriage of relatively small quantities of petroleum products and refueling other vessels with fuel and engine oils. For access to the open sea, especially in a storm, it is not intended. For 45 years, the tanker went through a few names, flags and owners: he went under the flag of the USSR, Ukraine, Georgia and, finally, Moldova.

In 2017, the ship was caught dumping oil in the area of Belgorod-Dniester, with the result that Ukraine opened a criminal case on marine pollution have not been developed. In February 2018 not repaired since Soviet times, the tanker almost sank in the Romanian territorial waters due to a leak in the engine room.

Sources “Duma” in law enforcement suggested that Delfi six months was laid in neutral waters, and was involved in the smuggling of oil products transshipment. At night the ship came other tankers, perekachivanie in the capacity of petroleum products, which subsequently were transported in small batches to the shore on boats, barges and other similar craft.

Delfi mentioned in the materials of the case on illegal import of oil products to Ukraine. They are issued for production at the Odesa oil refinery, owned by businessman Sergey Kurchenko, which the media called “purse” of the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. Part of oil products subsequently were transported abroad through Izmail and Tulcha Romanian, and part has been implemented in Ukraine. In the circuit were involved in a lot of offshore companies and ships.