Group a Violet has submitted a video for the love song “Kyiv-Berlin-Kyiv”

Ukrainian band Fiolet presented a clip on a song “Kyiv-Berlin-Kyiv“. Directors of the clip were Valeriy and Anna of Stratum (Studio Stay in Focus), the shooting took place near the Kyiv sea. This is not the first collaboration of producers and groups, Valery and Anna are the authors of the video clip on “Tisha“, which has already gathered over a million views.

Группа Фіолет представила клип на песню о любви «Київ-Берлін-Київ»

The main roles are played by actors of theatre and cinema Anna cabak and Dmitry Arkhipov. In the story, a pair of lovers racing through the woods on the convertible and not stopping to fight, turning its way into an endless “Groundhog day” with spores, shouting, accidents and scandals.

“For us, most importantly — to convey to padaca story, drama z wlasnymi emotsii, nastrom a message. Song I CLP pravachan temi dictates lyudskogo egosa. Often he DOPOMOGA us pakarati Novi ITV versini, but nevertheless often provoke on Dalton pomilki I vtrati. Mi pocha zabuvati scho Amour — TSE history is not about sviy comfort I srochno lyudin s krasivim of oblichchyam, and including I about happiness, Yak ti mozhesh podaruvaty young I great medicine such an act tions Ludin. Nacse, life perevorota on beslutte “day of Babak”, that the mi I showed in KLP”-

said frontman Sergei Martyniuk.

This is not the first video of the band, which does not appear to be the musicians themselves. A similar experiment Violet already had a video for the song “Kohana”, which has now collected more than 4 million views and is the most popular live group.

The track “Kyiv-Berlin-Kyiv” was created by sound producer Arthur Danielian (known for the cooperation with No you like, TNMK, Tartak, Skye and other Ukrainian groups).

New mini-album the Violet “All chesno” will be released November 1. EP musicians was timed to the 10th anniversary of the group that Violet notes in 2019. And already on 20 Novemberthe band will go on an anniversary tour in the cities of Ukraine, where listeners can hear all the best songs in the history of the group and tracks from the new album “All honestly”.