Group “Cadney” presented a new video

New video group Kadnay exactly like girls.

Группа «Каднай» представила новую видеоработу

Over the past weeks members of the group Kadnay has posted a fascinating teasers with the signatures in his official social networks. And finally, the release of the video is “Full” has taken place.

Director Konstantin Gordienko about the idea of the clip:

“This work would like to do very masculine. The process of overcoming – this is important for personality development. When looking for the answers to yourself, and most importantly — action. Inaction destroys”.

“In this work all to be honest. This is not footage for frames. It is work, work of each participant in the process. The preparations took months. They were incredibly hard. There were meetings with their own fears, overcoming, risk. But it was worth it! You know, I run into this often when an art task and its execution changes people, makes them stronger, more confident and freer. That’s fine,” — shared his feelings about the producer of the group Kadnay Lena Kolyadenko.

The shooting took place in the picturesque Korostyshev granite quarry. In the new video took part the whole team Kadnay and artists of the Freedom Ballet. By the way, to hear the group live will be on October 17 at the Caribbean Club.