Group Garages was presented to the house-the ballad “On the tape”

It was perhaps the Ukrainian house have never sounded so sweeping and fatal sincerely. New song by the band the Garage is actually a house-ballad: powerful memorable chorus, “calling” to sing him a large crowd, and immediately after the track breaks down into a rapid dance beat. “On the tape“is the soundtrack of this fall, full of summer nostalgia.

Группа Гаражи презентовала хаус-балладу  «На кассете»

With the first listen, the obvious identity and originality of the track. In addition to stylish sound is something elusive, wafting echoes of songs-hymns Splin, DDT, Zemfira and other of giants stadium. Perhaps this is why the refrain “On the tape” is so easy to imagine in the current arrangement, but the ringing upset of the guitar, in the performance of a simple yard guys.

That’s what they say about the topic of the track team members:

“Every man, has its own “tape” is the memories of the former or a fleeting summer love, which “revised” in the head to the holes. The only way to get rid of them is to let go, sending all the junk into the fire. About this ritual – our track. Also, it’s a song about how soft and vulnerable men, when faced with the reef women’s composure in the moments of parting.”

“On the tape” is the second single Garages, which announces the style and mood of the long play of the team. The album itself guys promise to publish in October.