Group On I Ona presented a striking video for the song “Water (Not tak Yak VSI)”

The On I Ona presented a new video for the song “Water (Not tak Yak VSI)“.

Группа On I Ona презентовали яркий клип на песню «Вода (Не такі як всі)»

The concept here is the idea that each person is an invisible red thread connected to his other half. Day after day she insensibly attracts future lovers to each other. And no matter how great may be the distance. Sooner or later they will meet and will go through life together. The way comprehensive and all-consuming Love in the clip successfully embodied a famous designer Jean gritsfeldt. And the role of the angel and messenger of love on Earth played aspiring model and blogger Alexandra Spilfogel.

In addition, the filming was attended by several leaders. Among them — participants of the TV project “Top model in Ukrainian 2” Yana Kalishewska, Valeriy Stepanenko, Yaroslav Dmitri Krutov and Toporenskyand a representative team of illusionists Wonder Makers Dmitry Yevtushenko. All the characters stories from On I Ona — bright personality in search of their second halves. In other words, “not tak Yak VSI”. While Alena Zhigareva and Alexei Martynenko — witnesses and narrators of their personal stories.

“To meet true love, we often overcome many obstacles. And I know that for sure, for myself. Because my love, too, every day is tested and ultimately triumphs. We really wanted to make this video symbolic. There is a belief about the relationship of two people who are meant for each other. According to legend, the people with whom we have to face in life, we are bound by the red string of fate. And the circumstances, time, distance — all this is no obstacle for this thread. Over time it starts to become shorter — as long as the two don’t meet. The character of Jean Gritsfeldt manages these threads, guiding the halves to each other”-

told Alena Zhigareva.

Another participant of the duet On I Ona, Alexei Martynenko adds:

“With this video we wanted to emphasize the main message of the song. That regardless of the circumstances and conventions of our world, absolutely love overcomes all obstacles.”

The video was directed by popular Instagram-blogger and photographer Oleg Phoenix. And in the role of the operator was made by Ilya Mihailus, who has previously worked on music videos by artists such as Epolets, KADNAY, ALEKSEEV and many others. The shooting took place on the banks of the Kiev sea. As noted, the musicians, the choice of location is not accidental. Because the water reflects the state of variability, the possibility of change, and the forests of depth in the relationship.

“Water (Not tak Yak VSI)” is the third clip of the Duo’s singles from the last album. Earlier On I Ona has released a video for the song “De Mi”, “Mesmerized” and “From Lusi”. In explanation LP “Stars” the band is preparing a live program can be seenon 18 October in Kiev at the walls of the Caribbean Club.