Guardiola broke the record for Mourinho in the English Premier League

Гвардиола побил рекорд Моуриньо в Английской Премьер-Лиге

Josep Guardiola

Yesterday in the framework of the 19th round of the English Premier League Manchester city at home beat “Sheffield United” 2:0.

This victory was the hundredth, won by the bulls in the Premier League under the guidance of Josep Guardiola. To do this, a Spanish specialist was needed at the helm of MS 134 matches.

Thus was broken the record of the current coach of Tottenham Jose Mourinho, who won 100 wins in 142 matches when he headed “Chelsea”.

In the top 5 for this indicator are also the head coach of “Liverpool” Jurgen Klopp (159), former coach of “Manchester United” Alex Ferguson (162) and former head coach of “Arsenal” Arsene Wenger (179).