Guardiola has named two teams that he will not lead under any circumstances

Гвардиола назвал две команды, которые он не возглавит ни при каких обстоятельствах

Josep Guardiola

On the eve of the first semifinal match of the Cup of English League “Manchester United” and “Manchester city”, which will be held today, the coach of “citizens” Josep Guardiola gave a traditional interview to the press.

It Catalan specialist, in particular, has declared, that never will coach Manchester United and real Madrid.

“After “city” I will never coach “Manchester United”, just as I wouldn’t coach real Madrid after Barcelona.

I would rather go to the Maldives if I had any suggestions. Although, maybe not the Maldives, because there are no Golf courses” – quoted Guardiola The Guardian.

Previously, Guardiola named the exact date of his return to Barcelona.