Guardiola received an unexpected political proposal from the former head of Catalonia

Гвардиоле поступило неожиданное политическое предложение от экс-главы Каталонии

Josep Guardiola

Head coach of Manchester city Josep Guardiola received an offer to lead the movement “Together for Catalonia”, according to El Models.

The idea to connect the PEP to the political life of Catalonia has expressed the Catalan Leader of the European democratic party, the former President of Generalitat of Catalonia, Artur Mas, says the publication.

The Mas hopes that Guardiola could eventually become the head of government of the region.

The publication reports that information about Guardiola confirmed in the entourage of the former head of the Catalan Carles Pokdemon.

Note that Guardiola has repeatedly expressed his support for Catalan separatists.

We will add that from-for mass protests in Barcelona La Liga suffered a “El Classico”.

Recall that Guardiola has insulted the Prime Minister of Spain.