Guillaume Lafond's first album arrives “At destination”

Guillaume Lafond's first album arrives «&At destination»


Revealed in 2021 on the “Star Académie” telecrochet, Guillaume Lafond is making a name for himself in record stores these days with his very first album, “À destination”, which he launched on Wednesday at the Billy Buck pub from the Promenade Masson, in Montreal. 

With blues and rock influences, the young singer-songwriter presents a complete country-folk album of 10 songs – nine of which are original compositions – which he has been refining for almost a year and a half. Inspired by stories he has experienced or witnessed, the singer tackles in this first opus themes that are familiar to him, such as family and love in all its forms, whether big, broken or impossible, but also the desire to escape. He also salutes the heroism of his grandfather in the play “My hero”.

“Leaving “Star Académie”, I was inspired by what I had experienced in my life, the emotions I felt. I also composed on facts that happened to people I know. I was really inspired by life, love, family,” he said in an interview with QMI Agency earlier this week.

He also confided to having a very intuitive creative process by which he lets himself be carried away by inspiration and melodies. “I take out my guitar; there's a rift coming out, a melody, and I feel inspired. It sinks pretty quickly. When I say to myself: “ok, tomorrow I'm writing a song”, it doesn't come and I'm less inspired. It really has to come naturally,” he explained.

The contribution of the Academy

If his time at “Star Académie” gave him a lot of confidence and assurance, he particularly remembers his writing lessons with Ariane Moffatt, which he still uses on a daily basis. “She had told me to do morning pages; to write thoughts, not necessarily songs, but to write my thoughts on paper. This is an exercise that I still do to this day. I always drag my little notebook everywhere I go. When things are not going so well, I try to put it on paper and it puts my ideas clear,” he said.

It was his time at the Academy that convinced him to write in French. When he entered, only the piece “Si tu y croyais”, the first song in French he composed, was already written. “I wrote it for my girlfriend. When we met, she believed a lot in my abilities, it was she who pushed me to enroll in “Star Académie”, she believed in it almost more than me, “he revealed in an interview. .

Surfing the wave of his success, Guillaume Lafond will be performing across Quebec over the next year. In this regard, he intends to develop and improve his concerts as much as possible to make them a country-folk party in his image.

Dreaming of a collaboration with Chris Stapleton, an artist he admires, the former -academician would like one day to have his studio and help other artists behind the console. “I really like the studio, directing, arranging songs. I've always done that and I love it. Seeing David [Laflèche] do it and help me, it sure gave me the taste. At some point, I'm going to have my own studio and I'm going to help artists find their sound,” explained Guillaume Lafond.

Directed by David Laflèche and produced by the MP3 Discs label, “À destination is available on listening platforms.