Guilty of manslaughter: inspired by web videos

Guilty of Manslaughter: Inspired by Web Videos


Twelve years of detention were imposed this Friday on an autistic and intellectually disabled man who was inspired by violent videos to fatally grab a randomly chosen cyclist and pedestrian, at a time when he had ceased to take his medication.

On September 7, 2020, Radoslav Guentchev left his residence driving the family car. He was then angry with his father, who had just reprimanded him for a trivial matter of hygiene. 

It was then that he began to ruminate on the idea of ​​hitting someone one, like in the videos he has already watched on the internet, in which individuals randomly grab passers-by.

When he passed a cyclist on Niagara Street in Brossard, he accelerated and hit him head-on. He then fled and continued to circulate, despite his shattered windshield. Three minutes later, he drove straight into a pedestrian who was walking along Pelletier Boulevard, then continued on his way without slowing down. 

The victim, Huiping Ding, died shortly afterwards. The cyclist, Gérard Chong Soon Yuen, succumbed to his injuries 13 days later. They were completely unknown to the accused and had the misfortune to cross his path at that precise moment.

« Explosive »

At the time of this disastrous trip, Radoslav Guentchev had stopped taking his antipsychotic medication for months. This made him “explosive and aggressive”, according to his mother.

Having autism spectrum disorder, recurrent psychotic disorder and mild intellectual disability, he had difficulty managing his emotions and to understand social interactions, explained Friday the psychiatrist Louis Morissette, at the courthouse of Longueuil. The medication helps him to contain himself better.

First charged with unpremeditated murder, he pleaded guilty on Friday to reduced charges of manslaughter, due to his “significant issues”. 

” In people who have an autism spectrum disorder, the difficulty is to properly perceive the consequences for others of what they are going to subject them to,” added another psychiatrist, Sylvain Faucher.

According to the latter, the accused was then “too preoccupied with his anger” and “inspired” by violent videos of individuals hitting others with their vehicles,” but surely he knew the victims would be hurt.

Still, he had no intention of hurting them. kill, Dr. Morissette insisted.

“In [the videos], people didn't die. But in real life, it's different. His decision was not considered with the mind of a normal person, his judgment was impaired,” he explained.

Other wrangles< /p>

The 32-year-old accused has in the past twice been found not criminally responsible, in connection with charges of criminal harassment and threats. 

He was subsequently required to receive his injection medication. 

However, in July 2019, the Mental Disorders Commission released him, finding him stable and fit to take his own medication. 

However he did not. And at the end of his prison term, he could again refuse to take his medication. But he intends to follow the directives of his doctors, he assured.


“I really apologize a lot, I'm sorry, and I'm going to take my medication until the end of my life,” he said Friday to the attention of Judge François Dadour, of the Superior Court.

< p>The latter endorsed the joint suggestion of 12 years in detention submitted by Me Marie-Josée Thériault of the Crown and Rémi Cournoyer-Quintal of the defence. Detained since his arrest, he has nearly 9 years left to serve. for life.

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