Gulumian protected a belt of the world champion of WBA in crmservice (video)

Гуламирян защитил пояс чемпиона мира WBA в крузервейте (видео)

Arsen Gulumian

Once the birthplace of the Ukrainian Alexander Usik – krasivata took the fight for the title of world champion under version WBA Super between the belt holder, Frenchman Arsene Gallerano (25-0, 17 KO) and the Challenger Kane watts (21-4, 13 KO) from Australia.

The battle took place in Paris.

In the third round of the Aussie missed a strong blow to the liver and could not continue the fight.

We will remind, after the Tendril left all the belts in the heavyweight division for the transition to heavyweight, organizations have begun to identify new Champions.

In the WBA decided to go on a simple script and assign the regular title 32-year-old Gallerano, the winner of the interim belt.

The Frenchman last year had two fights: defeated the Riad Merhi from Belgium (in 11th round), and then Mark Flanagan from Australia (in the 9th round).

Arsene keeps “0” in the column of defeat, and is not so large list of undefeated world Champions.