Gunmen stormed with weapons in College in Finland, one person dead (PHOTO)

Неизвестный ворвался с оружием в колледж в Финляндии, один человек погиб (ФОТО)

In the Finnish city of Kuopio shooting occurred in the premises of vocational schools Savon. The police reported one victim and 10 injured, two of them seriously injured. Among the victims is a suspect in the attack, police arrested him.

Information about the attack came to the police at 12:30 (coincides with Moscow). According to police, the man broke into the professional College, which is located in the building of the shopping center. One of the victims found in the school building, according to Twitter police in Eastern Finland. For the detention of the suspect, the police have used firearms.

Writes Helsingin Sanomat, the police have not yet announced who exactly attacked the people and the weapons used. According to witnesses, the attacker was in possession of a sword, but police have not confirmed this information. Police say threat to others, no. The wounded were taken to the hospital, the shopping center is cordoned off, according to the portal Yle.

“The incident is extremely shocking violence. We are monitoring the situation and will comment further when we receive more information from the authorities”, – said the Minister of education Whether Andersson. Prime Minister Antti Rinne expressed his condolences to the relatives of the deceased and injured. On the motives of the assailant are not reported.