Guy Nantel and self-defense

Guy Nantel and self-defense


It's a stroke of marketing genius!

While Le Devoir published a murderous review of his show, Guy Nantel bought a half-page ad in that same newspaper, which ends with, “If the Devoir reporter hated it, rest assured…you'll love it.” 

When I saw that, I laughed… almost as much as at the Guy Nantel show!

Sensitive skin?

How did Devoir director Brian Myles react? 

He replied on Twitter: “Le Devoir, unlike you, lives well with criticism. »

Sorry, but what Le Devoir has published, it is not an “artistic” criticism, it is an “ideological” criticism. 

Nantel simply asks that critics of shows… criticize the show. To say that a comedian is not funny is a criticism. But to call someone homophobic or racist is not a criticism of a show, it is a trial of intention. 

Guy Nantel and self-defense

Guy Nantel and self-defense

The most surprising, is that four days before, the journalist of Devoirhad published an interview with Nantel in which he quoted him extensively. Some excerpts: “The goal is for people to spend the evening finding you obnoxious, but still want to have a beer with you at the end”.

Second excerpt : “I believe that the distinction between my opinions and those of the character I play on stage is very clear”.

The critic even writes in his text: “Nantel admits that he feels a strong pleasure in embodying an ignoble character on stage”.

But what happened in four days? The critic of Dutyforgot that he was going to see a show where Nantel plays a “despicable” and “odious” character?

You know what is the passage of the text of the Devoir that bothered me the most? It was when Christian St-Pierre wrote: “By embodying on stage a character who expresses in a somewhat hypertrophied way ideas that he vigorously defends as a politician, or as a columnist and essayist, the man arouses a deep discomfort”. 

It's wrong. Nantel's character affirms on stage that 6 billion people should disappear so that the planet can breathe better. Where, in Nantel's political platform, in his two books or in his columns on my show on QUB radio, does Nantel say such enormity?

In his show, the character of Guy Nantel affirms that 'he would like to touch his mother's inheritance, a good $200,000, and that during the pandemic, he was coughing in her face… 

If the critic of Devoir< /em>actually thinks Nantel wants to kill his own mother by voluntarily giving her COVID to recover his inheritance, he should be writing to the police and not in a newspaper! Let him call 911 and it's a rush!

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Not double occupancy

He said and wrote a lot of nonsense about the “Nantel affair”. But the prize for stupidity goes to those who dared to say that Nantel was intimidating the critic of Devoir

If it was a non-binary racialized singer who had been the target of a text as virulent as that of Devoir, she would have had the right to self-defense by denouncing the criticism.

But we have to believe that Nantel, he, n he has no right to defend himself when he is attacked.

It is exactly this “double standard” that Nantel recently denounced to Everyone talks about it.

Guy Nantel and self-defense