Gwen Stefani admitted that they did not know about the existence of Blake Shelton’s see you at “the Voice”

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani ― happy couple because their romance is so full of love and joy from each other. However, the singer admitted that before the meeting on the show “the Voice” she never even heard of such a contractor.

Гвен Стефани призналась, что не знала о существовании Блейка Шелтона до встречи на «Голосе»

Country singer Blake Shelton as Stephanie, appears as a mentor on “the Voice.” But if Blake can be called its permanent member, Gwen appeared as a mentor to the show is only 6 seasons out of 17.

Before the show I didn’t even know about its existence. I just didn’t know about what on the planet do have a man

― said the singer in an interview. She also admitted that initially she was very difficult to get used to the fact that they Shelton the representatives of so many different musical genres. But gradually, Gwen has put up with this fact.

Stephanie shared in an interview his emotions at the return in the new season of “the Voice”. She claims she had no idea what she expected.

It was all so long ago, when I participated in the show and didn’t know how we will compete when we’re together,

― recalls the singer.

She said that in the early Dating was so nervous during the execution of their first songs together. Stephanie is so tried and worried I was completely sweating. Now she recognizes that collaboration no longer cause such stress. Also Gwen once again expressed his admiration for his beloved and his incredible talent that just attracts people.

Recall that on the novel by Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani became known in 2015. Even then all was clear serious sweethearts, since they met each other’s parents only a month later.