Gwen Stefani commented on the rumors about his engagement to Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani happily in a relationship with Blake Shelton for four years, but the wedding speech never came. However, recently, fans noticed the ring on the ring finger of the singer and came to the conclusion that the lovers are still legitimize relationships. The star decided to comment on these rumors.

Гвен Стефани прокомментировала слухи о помолвке с Блейком Шелтоном

Award People’s Choice Awards, many noticed that on the ring finger of the left hand Gwen sported a diamond that was easy to accept for the engagement ring. However, Stephanie was quick to disappoint everyone who was ready to marry her. According to the singer, it was just a fashion accessory.

This can be a real ring, real diamond, but it’s not a wedding. No, no, no. Actually, it just didn’t fit the glove on one hand, so I put it on another. But it looks good, right?

— said Gwen.

Stephanie added that if he and Blake do get engaged, she will make that known to his fans.

When I have something to say, I will tell you about it

— explained the singer.

Gwen and Blake talked about his novel in 2015. Even then, their intentions were serious, they decided to meet each other’s parents just a month after the beginning of the relationship. They are not shy to share their feelings and admire each other, so it’s not surprising that fans look forward to the wedding of Shelton and Stephanie.