Gwen Stefani showed a cool body on the eve of the 50th anniversary

Can’t believe it, but Gwen a couple of days to hit 50. It looks almost as good as when he sang a song about “Don’t Speak”. And the star proved this by starring on the eve of the anniversary for the magazine Shape. In the photo shoot is “strawberry photos”, where the singer posing in the same jacket on a naked body, and she’s fine. Stephanie, a slim figure, face without a hint of age-related changes.

Гвен Стефани показала крутое тело накануне 50-летия

Only here the experts on the sidelines to discuss that nothing that Gwen got hooked on fillers with Botox. She sacrificed too much hyaluronic acid, so the cheekbones and lips look too big and the forehead is immobilized due to botulotoksina. As for the rest, the singer, everything is in harmony.

Гвен Стефани показала крутое тело накануне 50-летия

Especially in his personal life, according to interview Gwen for publication, she now soars on the wings of love. For 4 years it protects from adversity, the country singer Blake Shelton. Gwen finally got rid of toxic relationships with her husband a traitor to Kevin Rossdale (rumored to be the rocker was adultery with the nanny of their children, the classic syndrome Jude law).

Now Stephanie cheered. “I feel that the last 4 years was a good recovery and was finally healed. Blake was the best gift for me in life,” said the singer.

Shelton and Stephanie bought a ranch in Los Angeles, where you arrive, is not yet engaged in the projects. “We are literally settled, Blake even plant watermelons have time,” says Gwen.

Now the judge is The Voice trying to find a balance between the domestic idyll and projects. After all, her older three sons, the youngest of whom is 5 years old.

“Balance is the most difficult thing in my life. It is important for me to be with my family, watching movies with Blake in the evenings, have fun with the guys in the yard. However, I do not want to dwell at home, it’s important to realize their creative projects and not to chase times,” — said the singer.