Gwyneth Paltrow forgets colleagues name their own projects


Previously, actress and founder of the brand Goop Gwyneth Paltrow has become the main theme of the network of memes because of his unusual techniques and welness’: sprays from energy vampires, jade crystal, special eggs and other unexpected gadgets. Now the creators of jokes about Gwyneth a new topic of conversation: phenomenal forgetfulness Mrs. Paltrow.

Гвинет Пэлтроу забывает коллег и названия собственных проектов

So, thanks to a new interview with the main boss of Marvel studios Kevin Feige have become known associated with Gwyneth amusing the details of the shooting in the film “the Avengers. The final.” In the episode, where almost the entire cast of the franchise, it did not recognize my colleague, Samuel L. Jackson and kept asking standing nearby that he forgot at the site. “What are you talking about? It’s Nick fury, you starred with him in several films,” said Paltrow colleagues, apparently referring to the painting “Iron man 2” and “the Avengers”.

Jackson is not the only forgotten Paltrow colleague: last month, on a selective memory of the actress complained about another key character movies Marvel Sebastian Stan playing the Winter soldier. According to the actor, introduced him to Gwyneth twice — but she never remembered his name. This became known after Stan posted sharing a photo from the show Valentino: under the picture of Sebastian posing with Gwyneth Paltrow, Valentino Garavani and other guests of the show, sported a sign “I am Very glad that I was able to introduce Gwyneth Paltrow for the third time. But actually, we’re in the same movie.”

The actors of the franchise “the Avengers”, perhaps you need to be more lenient with Paltrow: whether to require her to remember their names if she can’t remember even the names of paintings from his filmography? In June during a cooking show, one of his fellow actor and Director John Favreau — Gwyneth couldn’t remember that actually played in the movie “spider-Man: coming home.” Fairness: shooting Marvel movies are usually held in strict secrecy, and the paintings themselves are usually removed at the same time and under false names to confuse the fans. However, this time, instead of fans already confused Gwyneth, who clearly does not follow the sequence of numerous pictures with his participation.

It seems that in a short time continue not only the movie franchises Marvel, but also another series of the adventures of Gwyneth in Hollywood. It is hoped that forgetfulness Actresses only applies to shooting and does not apply to its financial assets, passwords, cards and other important data.

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