Hackers mass attack the movie lovers and TV shows in isolation: how to protect yourself

Mode isolation watching movies and TV series became one of the main home entertainment. The increasing popularity of streaming platforms could not take advantage of the cyber criminals who created hundreds of fake sites Netflix and Disney+. Details – in the report “voice of America”.

Хакеры массово атакуют любителей кино и сериалов на самоизоляции: как защититься

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For the first quarter of 2020, only one Netflix thanks to a quarantine has expanded its audience of 16 million subscribers, and the number of active users Disney+ has almost doubled to 50 million. Actively use the situation with coronavirus have become the cyber fraudsters creating fake streaming sites.

“During the first three weeks of March, U.S. consumers watched 400 billion minutes of content, Baker says Nandura, Vice-President of MCAfee. — A staggering figure! Is 85% more compared with the same period last year. Cyber criminals are always watching the behavior of the consumers and are looking for ways how they can steal your money, personal data or install malware on your gadgets”.

The company MimeCast, specializing in cyber security, found in the Internet, more than 700 fake websites mimicking Netflix and Disney+. Many of them look pretty convincing, said the head of the Department for combating cybercrime Carl Will. Users can take them as original, can register and enter their personal information, including credit card information.

“Now, criminals often try to take advantage of the human condition at the moment, says Will. — Perhaps now because of the pandemic, are you tired, stressed out, not so vigilant. You think you are logged in Netflix, and actually go to a fake website. Hackers thus can very quickly get access to your Bank account. These fake sites look very believable, they are almost completely unable to imitate a real web site. The average person is very difficult to detect the difference. Be careful, especially when you visit the website from your smartphone”.

Online scammers create not only the fake sites and links that offer to download free content for users who are trying to save on the subscription. Developer of antivirus software company MCAfee has ranked the threat of movies and TV shows. The company’s specialists analyzed the frequency of queries in search engines for a particular film and have compared it with the risk of infecting your computer with malicious software.

So, among the films in the top ten are sports drama 2011 “Warrior” post-apocalyptic Comedy “Zombieland” and the animated film “the Incredibles”. Among the series — “Brooklyn 9-9”, “Elite” and “Courtesan”. Interestingly, 4 of the 10 most dangerous to download movies — children. Experts attribute this to the fact that now children spend more time at the screen .

“Be careful, especially in relation to the free streaming content, says Nandura. It is very important to explain this to your children, because they do not know what links are safe and which are not. Subscribe to legitimate streaming services. Do not click on unfamiliar links. Install antivirus software that will tell you this website safe or not”.

“To observe the rules of tiberghien now more important than ever, because the majority of people works from home, says Will. — A number of them are no experts on cyber security, as in an office setting. Do not use the same password, don’t click on strange links in email.”

But the fakes when you desire to calculate all if you pay attention to common on such sites, errors in spelling or a slightly different design.



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