Hailey Baldwin about the relationship with Justin Bieber and about the difficulties in marriage

The model graced the cover of the new issue of Australian Vogue gave a personal interview.

Хейли Болдуин об отношениях с Джастином Бибером и о трудностях в браке

According to reports by TMZ, two weeks later, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin spend the wedding ceremony, and then celebrate the event at the big party. Prior to that Hayley has become a heroine of the latest issue of Australian Vogue: not only graced the cover and took part in a photoshoot, but also spoke in an interview about the personal. Published interesting quotes.

About relationship with Justin Bieber and the comments of the haters:

No-one knows really what happens between us. I Wake up with this person every morning. I’m the only one with whom he is direct candid dialogue. It is my relationship.
If you have problems with mental health, then other people very easily convince you of something, even if it isn’t true. When I was bombarded with hundreds of thousands of comments from the “He’ll never go for it”, “You’ll never be able to do something, You will still get divorced”… I couldn’t help these people, but wondered, “do They see something I don’t see?” And my inner harmony was violated. But in a relationship, always only two. I had a lot to work on changing their mindset to understand it.

The main advice for a happy relationship from it at the moment:

Compromise. If you’re not ready to go on it, then you have nothing.

The difficulties in the marriage:

Marriage is always a complex matter, and I think good relationships — those over which you have a lot of work. For my marriage a lot. I’ve never lived before. I first learn to share with others a common space, to adapt to foreign habits and behavior. We are trying to know each other and make each other’s lives as comfortable as possible. Now, after a year of marriage, it became easier because we found their rhythm. We became even more fun together, as it should be, if you spend so much time with the man you love.

About negative comments in social networks:

More recently I have limited display comments on my page — now I see only those that write to me are the people that I signed. Previously, constantly the temptation to read everything, and I realized that more and more immersed in it. It turned into a bad habit. But now I’m trying to worry less on what people think about me. Life has become easier.