Hailey Baldwin has responded to the release of the new single of Selena Gomez, all about unrequited love

27-year-old Selena Gomez presented her new single Lose You To Love Me, in which he spoke about unrequited love. Name the singer not named, but many fans came to the conclusion that it is in the lyrics of the song talking about her difficult relationship and breakup with Justin Bieber.

Хейли Болдуин отреагировала на выход нового сингла Селены Гомес о несчастной любви

Almost immediately after the release of the new single Gomez in storis wife Bieber published a photo (as decided by a members) were addressed to Selene. 22-year-old Hailey Baldwin has shared with fans the screen songs from his playlist called I’ll Kill You (in the lane from English. — I’ll kill you. — Approx. ed.).

Followers immediately began to discuss a new post in stories Hayley. Most of the users came to the conclusion that this picture was a response to Baldwin on the release of a new lyrical single by Gomez. These thoughts they shared in their review:

I’m not trying to create drama. Besides, I’m not among the fans of Selena, who believe that Hayley hates her. However, it is clear that the post Baldwin was published immediately after the launch of a new song.

Selena released an honest song that clearly hints at relationship with Justin Bieber. Just a few minutes after that, Haley publishes this photo in stories. Ahh, what’s going on.

The reaction Hailey Baldwin for a new single release Selena Lose You To Love Me even provoked many Twitter users to create funny memes on the subject.

Selena herself has not commented on post in Instagram storis Haley. By the way, shortly before the release of his song Gomez said that this work was special for her, because she reflected the pain of a failed relationship and the difficulties through which she had to undergo over the last few years.