Hair loss and quick growth of nails can be signs of a rare syndrome

We are talking about so called complex regional pain syndrome. Practice shows that many doctors are often unable to make a correct diagnosis.

Выпадение волос и быстрый рост ногтей могут быть признаками редкого синдрома

Complex regional pain syndrome typically develops after any damage or injuries, and sometimes the cause can even be a bruise or a sprain. At the same time in 10% of cases the exact cause of the syndrome is generally unknown. More often it meets at women, marked in any age, but usually in the region of 50 years. In Russia, this syndrome affects about 15,000 people, but many require months or even years in order to make a correct diagnosis. But most of all he is not put at all.

Most victims of this syndrome restore health or correct type of treatment, or spontaneously in the course of the year. However, every fifth patient improve the condition is not observed, and the pain can be so severe that people take decision about voluntary amputation. In 7% of cases, as practice shows, the pain spreads to the surrounding area of the body.

The sooner you begin treatment for complex regional pain syndrome, the shorter it lasts and the better prospects for patients. Unfortunately, many General practitioners are unable to make the correct diagnosis because they have not even heard about the existence of this disease.

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