Half a million for religious heritage

Half a million for religious heritage


An amount of $552,000 will be paid for the restoration and requalification of heritage buildings of a religious nature in Québec. 

Deputy Premier Geneviève Guilbault will make the announcement today on behalf of the Minister of Culture, Nathalie Roy. 

Of this envelope, $525,000 will be granted to the Conseil du patrimoine culturel du Québec for the completion of two restoration projects. 

These amounts are intended to preserve real estate with heritage value. The church of Saint-Louis-de-Courville, in the Beauport borough, as well as the Jesuit chapel, on rue Dauphine in Old Quebec, will receive assistance. 

It will allow to restore the roof and the steeples of the two buildings.

In addition, funding of $27,000 is earmarked for the requalification of the Notre-Dame-de-Jacques-Cartier church, located on Saint-Joseph Street in Quebec City's Lower Town.

This sum will be used to support organizations wishing to carry out requalification projects and which are in the early stages of the planning phase. A feasibility study for the renovation of the church will be carried out.


The Quebec government says it wants to preserve a “precious heritage” by also practicing a duty of memory. 

Minister Roy had already announced a sum of $4 million to enable urgent work to be carried out on the Eglise du Très-Saint-Sacrement, now listed as a heritage building.

The government wants the restoration of this church in order to find a new vocation for it.

The church ceased to be used as a place of worship in 2019. Since then, it is no longer accessible and its land has been fenced off as a security measure. The parish is said to have incurred $1.8 million in maintenance costs over the past few years.

–With the collaboration of Marianne White

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