Half an hour of sport a day — the best protection against depression

Daily physical exercise not only protects from excess weight and optimize the operation of the organism as a whole, but also strengthens the mental health. American scientists have found that sport and physical activity is a very effective tool for the prevention of depression.

Полчаса спорта в день — лучшая защита от депрессии

If you do sports for four hours a week, the probability of developing depressive disorders is reduced by about fifteen to twenty percent. That is enough to devote half an hour a day of physical activity to significantly reduce their chances of becoming a victim of depression.

“It works even if you are genetically predisposed to depression. Our research shows that sports is the most effective prevention of depression, and also protect against other mental problems. The cure for depression that so long sought by scientists, was very simple”, — say the authors of scientific work, employees at Harvard University.

People who are not happy with the thought of having regular trips to the gym, scientists advise to pay attention to yoga, dancing, swimming, and other types of physical activity. In fact, suitable for even intense walking — if you pass at least six to seven kilometers for one more walk, then enjoy all the advantages of high thisactivity.