Half-brother of Elton John condemned the singer for the image of the father in his autobiography

Half-brother of popular British singer Elton John did not like the fact that a celebrity literally demonized image of their common father in his autobiography. An artist in his own book stated that the relative did not attend his speech and basically talked to him on the subject of music.

Сводный брат Элтона Джона осудил певца за изображение отца в автобиографии

Stepbrother Elton John didn’t like such loud statements. He remembered how his mother and father came to the concerts of the artist in Liverpool. In his autobiography, Elton John stated that his father had told him about pride for him. According to the brother of the singer, these words have not heard it and until parent was dying. Perhaps it was affected by certain problems of post-war education of father Elton John.

Recall that the singer’s parents separated in 1962. After a time the father of a celebrity had a second family. In the new marriage wife gave him four more children.

Note that in the book, Elton John decided to share a story that happened at one of the events. Queen Elizabeth has asked his nephew to look after his sister. The fact is that Sarah Armstrong-Jones was not feeling very well. However, the nephew of the British monarch chose to stay at a private event than angered her. After talking Eavey II with a relative she winked at Elton John, who all this time looked at her.