Halle berry admitted that he suffered humiliation on the part of Gabriel Aubrey

Since 2010 Halle berry and Gabriel Aubry regularly battle in court and through the media. Share everything and custody of the daughter, and the status of the approximate parent. Recently in the Network leaked official statements of the actress, in which she accused the father of her child in “ruined sex life”.

Холли Берри призналась, что терпела унижения со стороны Габриэля Обри

Halle berry tries to forget the never-ending story with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. Nice to have to divorce failed: starting in 2010, they met in court to seek custody of his daughter. The actress admitted that man sets up the daughter against her and harms her psychological health — once Gabriel without the knowledge of Holly dyed her hair 6-year-old Nala. The star considered it an act of racism: Aubrey clearly wanted to make her look less like their black mother.

Over time, history of litigation, berry and Aubrey have died down, but recently the Network got the official judicial statements of the actress, who shed light on many aspects of this case.

In the papers published portal Radar.Online, Halle berry revealed that her husband regularly used “racial epithets” against her and her daughter — this has caused great psychological damage to little Nala.

In addition, the actress said her sex life was destroyed through the fault of the boyfriend: “After the first six months our sex life has decreased, and within a year we had sex less than three times a year.”

Holly is sure that the problems in bed arose from the lack of emotional intimacy. Instead to solve this problem Aubrey, according to the testimony of berry, began to insult her.

“He refused to acknowledge or take responsibility for these issues. Instead, he criticized my body is demeaning to women ways. I finally convinced him to see a therapist to address these issues,” shared Holly.

The therapy sessions revealed that as a child, Gabriel engaged in sexual relations with a member of his foster family, and it greatly traumatized him.