Halloween thieves caught on camera

Halloween thieves filmed live


Quebecers are exasperated by shameless thieves who steal their Halloween decorations installed on their property, to the point where they no longer hesitate to expose petty criminals on social networks.

“They stole pumpkins and pierced the inflatable decorations with knives. With what happened, we no longer have decorated houses here and it is especially boring for the children, ”denounces Michaël Bourgeait, father of three young children. 

This resident of a small family neighborhood in Lévis confirms that several complaints have been filed on this subject with the local police. However, the latter were unable to help them find their criminals.

Result? Mr. Bourgeait decided to post videos and photos on social networks showing three young men committing their theft on October 8. 

“It's a way to get revenge, but also to scare them so they don't do it again and to make them aware. […] I will have to take my children elsewhere on Halloween because there are no more decorations in our neighborhood, ”laments the Lévisien. 

“It's over”

The Journal found dozens of publications on Facebook, such as that of Michaël Bourgeait, where Quebecers denounce thugs who have seized their gourds or even their witch. 

“I can't believe we can take what isn't ours just like that when passing in front of [chez nous]”, thunders Cathy Lefebvre, owner of the boutique L'Arbre De Vie on the South Shore of Montreal. 

Ms. Lefebvre has also published a video of a few seconds where we see a person take a pumpkin from the front of his store and quickly slip it into his bag. “It's happened several times, even with a sign saying that there are cameras, it doesn't change anything at all,” she notes. 

Linda Larivière, a resident of Sherbrooke, confides that she had a bale of straw and seven gourds installed in front of her home stolen last week. 

“It’s not worth that much, but that’s the end of the exterior decoration at our house. […] I especially find it a shame because many residents will no longer want to decorate and it is the children who will pay the price, ”explains Ms. Larivière. 

In broad daylight

Stéphanie Coulombe, of Val-Bélair, was shocked to learn that criminals stole a huge inflatable cauldron from him in front of his house.

“I was not happy at all. It happened Friday morning, in broad daylight. They came to my land. They had to untie it, unplug it and take it away. It took a lot from the front. I see it a bit like a violation of my property, “says Ms. Coulombe. 

She will keep an eye out, in the coming days, to spot him in his city or on social networks. . 

“They also stole a garden gnome. It's sad because these are not items that can be found on Amazon and bought from me tomorrow morning. We had the cauldron in our family for almost 20 years”, concludes Stéphanie Coulombe bitterly. 

Tips to avoid getting stolen

Stéphane Faucher, president and founder of Concept Décors, says he has more than one trick to prevent the theft of his decorations.

Stéphane Faucher, president and founder of Concept Décors for 30 years, has agreed to share his tips on how to discourage thieves from stealing your Halloween decorations. 

  1. Tie your expensive decorations well with a wire.
  2. All your objects should be fixed to a tree or even a pole.
  3. Tie several objects together with wires to make it more difficult for burglars.
  4. Attach your decorations to stakes planted in the ground.
  5. Try to install your decorations in the air.

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