Halloween will be rainy and windy (PHOTO)

На Хэллоуин будет дождливо и ветрено  (ФОТО)

Anyone who is going to traditionally go home for Halloween, you should stock up on umbrellas and raincoats-ponchos, because, “is it going to rain”.

The hydrometeorological center of Canada published a special prediction about the sharp deterioration of the weather in Toronto and in some parts of the greater Toronto area on Wednesday, warning of “the possibility of loss of a significant amount of rainfall.”

“A low pressure front will approach southern Ontario from the southwest. It is expected that the rain will begin this morning and end on Friday morning. Forecasted from 30 to 50 mm of precipitation as rain, on Thursday afternoon is expected to increase rain,” – said in the weather report meteorologist Canada.

“From Thursday evening until Friday morning a strong Northwest wind with gusts up to 70 km/h.”

It is expected that the rain will begin in Toronto today around noon, the maximum temperature will be 10C.

The national weather Agency predicts between 15 to 25 millimetres of rain in Toronto on Thursday.

Daytime highs on Thursday are expected to reach 13°C, but the temperature drops to 9°C in the afternoon.