Hamilton on three wheels vigra dramatichno race Grand PR Velikobritanii (video)

Гамільтон на трьох колесах виграв драматичну гонку Гран-прі Великобританії (видео)

Los Hamlton

Grand PR Velikobritanii Bulo will chetvertom etapom have cohorts psname season that had 1, vacivaci other series tricastin paragons – two have Sliverton first Grand PR Spin to katalanska Montmelo.

Grand PR znovu Bulo without gledaju in the stands. However thus viyavilos shoplive (z Eyad wisdome cars BEZPEKA), and Yogo fnal – dramatichny.

The us Isla to svejnoha of the brace of the Mercedes – startovaci s pole at their home trash, Lugs Hamilton for three of the stake to FSU vyhrava have Valtter Bottas of about 8 seconds. At the turn of Fn visparejas racer Red bull max Verstappen in 6.5 seconds.

Ale on the 50th Col in front of Bottas wybuchowa Liva bus – I Fn kinousa in boxey, sacrificing sway pozicy max. And Oskolki gollandcev nichogo not sahajwala in borotbi for other meeting place, the team was punished yomu to do Zivi PT-stop, dwellers on swii gum of ustanoviti naikrashe Colo I zarobili premiline point.

However in this problems z peredne luimi tires have gonshik not zakonchilsya. On predstavljamo Col share Bottas spdal plate “McLaren” Carlos Sainz, that show will chetverti.

Spravzhnya kulmacz came on ostannja Col. After PT stop from Verstappen Hamlton, that Lairova mayzhe s 30 Sekunden variom,Stasia puncture that has perednego logo wheels. VSI drink, Yak at galavan bus Bolda Mercedes ready Bula slette z drive I could proinovatie Peren was antikriga.

However, the 6-Razavi champion of the world Virchow detect I poborolis for Peremoga.

Driv Hamilton from Verstappen tanov on the eyes, and the racer “Red bull” did not pistachio bet povorotu – VIN vastav from Britannia straight ahead, Ben than 6 seconds.

Closing n destal Charles Leclere on “Ferrar” scho takozh became nespora.

Dadamo scho on Perang race car velinov BEZPEKA, Yogo other wind provocava ran PT-stopi mayzhe vsih gonshik through scho other warsak race Wishaw duzhe long for one set of tyres I VIN not vitrinas wirabuana.

Other wind safet-Kara provoking efekta accident rider “alpha Tour” Danil Kvyat: on the 12th Col bold of rosiyanin sralo s tractor I threw the bar in which courier, Morne, through the puncture.

After chergova Peremogi Hamilton I neudach Bottas, that point is not zarobiv, VDRIVE Britannia from Fna tbilisisa to 30 point.

Have a Cup constructors lberto “Mercedes” also tbilisias.

  1. Mercedes – 146 point
  2. RB – 78
  3. McLaren – 51
  4. Farrar – 43
  5. Rang Point 42
  6. Reno – 32
  7. Alpha Tour – 13
  8. Alfa Romeo – 2
  9. Haas – 1
  10. Vlams – 0

Nastupna race budesa vzhe using week on that autodrom in Sliverton.