Handball “Motor” snatched a draw in the Champions League

Гандбольный «Мотор» вырвал ничью в Лиге чемпионов

The best handball club in Ukraine Zaporozhye “Motor” scored the first point in the group stage of the Champions League the most prestigious club tournament of Europe.

The wards of Nikolay Stepanets way to visit Porto, with the passive four defeats in the previous matches and zero in the column “points”. For almost the whole game the Cossacks were in the role of the hole team. Minutes before the end of the match “Motor” trailing by two goals, but was able to make a comeback and achieved a draw — 35:35, winning the first point in this season in the Champions League group stage.

Today we had a hard fight and, as usual, everything was solved in the end. Now in handball the situation is almost like in basketball — winning one or two goals it does not mean that at the end you can win. Giving two points, we still managed to turn the tide of the match and tie the game. This is our fifth game in the Champions League and wanted, of course, already have points in effective terms. Today we did“, — transfers words of the head coach “Motor” the official website of the club.

The most productive player in our team became a Belarusian footballer Boris Puhovski, who scored seven goals, while “Port” is the most accurate turned out to be andré Gomes, whose assets are eight scoring shots.

In other matches of the group recorded the following results: “Meshkov Brest” (Belarus) — “Vive Kielce” (Poland) — 27:31, “Montpellier” (France) — “the keel” (Germany) — 30:33, “Veszprem” (Hungary) — Vardar (Macedonia) — 39:30.

The standings after round 5: 1. “Keel” — 9 points, 2. “Veszprem” — 6, 3. Montpellier — 6, 4. Vardar — 6, 5. “Vive Kielce” — 5, 6. “Port” is 5, 7. “Meshkov Brest” — 2, 8. Motor — 1.

The next match the team of Nikolay Stepanets will hold on Sunday, November 3, when will your field the German “Kiel”.


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