Handball Motor suffered a humiliating defeat in the Champions League

Гандбольный «Мотор» потерпел обидное поражение в Лиге чемпионов

On Saturday, October 12, the strongest handball club of Ukraine of the Zaporozhye “Motor” held another match of the group stage of the Champions League season 2019/2020.

In the framework of the fourth round of group “b” wards of Nikolay Stepanets arrived in neighboring Belarus, where he met with the club, “Meshkov Brest”, which is the same as the Cossacks lost the previous three matches in the strongest club tournament of Europe. Despite the proximity of our countries, informed the team in the official tournaments do not intersect, having only one friendly match in 2014 — then the Motor was stronger (30:28).

This time the Cossacks were seriously determined to get finally their first victory in the Champions League this season. In the first half, the wards of Nikolay Stepanets acted pretty confident, only once allowing the opponent to take the lead, and kept the hosts at a distance of two or three balls and went to the break with the score 19:16 in its favor.

The beginning of the second half was the hosts who managed to eliminate the handicap and not only to equalize but also to take the lead. The last ten minutes of game time players “Meshkov Brest” kept their advantage in one or two goals and in the end pulled out a comeback victory — 33:31.

The most productive player in our team became Lithuanian Ideas of Malatinsky (9 goals), the owners of the most accurate was the French footballer William Accumbere (6 goals).

In other matches of the group recorded the following results: Vardar (Macedonia) — “the keel” (Germany) 20:31, “Vive Kielce” (Poland) — Montpellier (France) — 27:29. The match in “Veszprem” (Hungary), Porto (Portugal) will be played on Sunday, October 13.

Position of commands: 1. “Keel” — 7 points (4 matches), 2. “Montpellier” — 6 (4), 3. “Vardar” — 6 (4), 4. “Port” — 4 (3), 5. “Vive Kielce” — 3 (4), 6. “Veszprém” — 2 (3), 7. “Meshkov Brest” — 2 (4), 8. “Motor” — 0 (4).

The next match the team of Nikolay Stepanets will be on Saturday, October 19th, once again on the road to play with the Portuguese Porto.


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