Hanging from the ceiling “hands on” kitchen robot Samsung clean vegetables, knead dough, whip eggs

Свисающие с потолка «руки» кухонного робота Samsung чистят овощи, месят тесто, взбивают яйца

In Berlin ended the annual international exhibition of consumer electronics IFA-2019. This is one of the oldest exhibitions of its kind in the world. It was first introduced in December 1924 and was called the International German fair. Successful start inspired the organizers. It was decided to hold this event regularly. In 1928 exhibition in Berlin has become an annual event. Two years later at the opening made the opening speech of albert Einstein.

In connection with the outbreak of the Second world war, the exhibition took a long break. It opened again in 1950 and was held in different cities of East and West Germany. Finally, after their merger, it got its present name — IFA. This year it was visited by about 500 thousand people. Were are the products of dozens of companies from around the world. The bulk of the new products — smartphones, laptops and other gadgets. However, there was a place for household appliances. In this review, the “FACTS” will try to tell about most interesting novelties of IFA-2019.


The South Korean company Samsung has brought to Berlin the latest appliances. For example, oven Dual Cook Steam, which allows you to simultaneously cook two dishes at once, and in different ways. For example, the first couple, the second — on the grill with convection. The manufacturer guarantees that the odors do not mix. This oven will allow Housewives to save time.

Another miracle of technology — Air Dresser. This is a special Cabinet, which is hanging on the hanger the clothes are processed from all sides of the ferry. The device solves the problem of caring for things, which are contraindicated frequent washing. You getting fresh clothes in perfect condition.

New TVs from Samsung are equipped with artificial intelligence. The special processor allows to increase the detail in even murky picture. He “draws” the details during the show and complements their image on the screen.

However, the greatest interest of visitors caused a kitchen robot Bot Samsung Chef. These are two hanging from the ceiling of the hand. They are able to do the dirty and preparatory work — to clean and cut vegetables or fruit, knead dough, beat eggs, add spices and seasoning to the salad. To run this wizard, installing on your smartphone special application. It not only transmits to the robot team, but also supplies him with recipes. In Berlin was shown a prototype. Representatives of the company assure that in the near future will begin mass production of Bot Chef.

Свисающие с потолка «руки» кухонного робота Samsung чистят овощи, месят тесто, взбивают яйцаSamsung Bot robot Chef who can do all dirty and preparatory work in the kitchen, aroused the greatest interest among the visitors

With regard to portable gadgets, Samsung is focused on finalizing its foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold. It was first shown in the beginning of this year, but the sale still did not. It turned out that flexible screen is not sufficiently protected. The company took over six months to address the shortcomings. In Berlin announced that the Galaxy Fold will go on sale September 18.

Свисающие с потолка «руки» кухонного робота Samsung чистят овощи, месят тесто, взбивают яйцаThe first foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold will be on sale on September 18 of this year

Company Acer (Taiwan) showed laptop 5 Swift. It weighs only 990 grams. He claimed as the lightest notebook in the world with a diagonal of 14 inches. The thickness of the body less than a centimeter and a half. All this did not affect negatively on the performance of a computer. In such a thin and light design there was a place for the latest Ice Lake processor from Intel, RAM up to 16 gigabytes and a separate graphics accelerator. For those who are not versed in these nuances, explain the otherwise — Swift 5 will cope without any problems with almost any task except for very “heavy” three-dimensional games. At the exhibition the comers convinced that on a laptop from Acer, you can simultaneously start the browser and open it has two dozen sites, text editor, program for editing photos, play music. This load does not affect operation of the laptop. And add here a powerful battery that provides Swift 5 without a break and recharge for 13 hours.

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Another Taiwanese company — ASUS — surprise the world’s most powerful smartphone. Model called ROG Ultimate Ediiton II Phone has a processor Snapdragon 855 Plus, 12 gigabytes of RAM and storage to one terabyte! Not every computer can boast such features. You ask, who needs a smartphone? ASUS says that this gadget is designed for fans of mobile games. It is powered by battery 6000 mAh, which is two to three times more than any average smartphone. The smartphone is so hot (literally) that required a special cooling system. Without it, the user can burn their hands. Sales will begin in October. The approximate price is 1200 euros.


Meanwhile in the US, held a presentation of new products Apple — iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max that can go on sale September 27.

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