“Happy” dress Lady Gaga auction, but sells it to a random person

In the winter of this year, Lady Gaga was one of the most discussed persons. Rumors about her affair with Bradley Cooper was burned, and the main role in the movie “a Star is born” brought her a nomination for another. On the “Golden globe” she was promised the statuette for best actress, but the award that night went to another…

«Счастливое» платье Леди Гаги выставлено на аукцион, но продает его случайный человек

Leaving the Beverly Hilton with “comforting” the statuette for Best song, Gaga did not take with them the memory of nesovershenaya triumph — purple dress with a long train by Valentino, which she had on that night. After the fanfare died down, a hotel employee Sara Correa found the couture outfit in one of the rooms. After almost a year she put it up for auction, Nate D. Sanders Auctions with a starting price of 8 thousand dollars. To the object she attached a letter explaining how it happened, what sells the outfit is not its owner. Hotel employee claims to have found a dress on the night of 6 to 7 January 2019 and gave it to the camera lost and the Beverly Hilton, but no one has returned. After that, discovery was returned to her as a gift. And now she decided to put the thing for sale.

Lady Gaga on “the Golden globe-2019”, the Representatives of the hotel when contacted by the publication of Page Six, deny that the dress was stolen, but argued that the investigation was to map all the facts of that day still carried on.

We conduct internal investigations, work with all parties to return the thing to its rightful owner as soon as possible.

Usually designers give their dresses the stars in rent for events like the Golden globe, after which they must return them. However, it is possible, Valentino gave the dress Gaga after a remarkable evening.