Happy father Sergey Babkin was moved by a Network of delicate photo with son

The artist has shown how spending time with the baby

Счастливый папа Сергей Бабкин растрогал Сеть нежным фото с сыночком

On the page in Instagram artist published a photo happy with Elisha on his hands.

Star dad “hid” the baby and Peeps, looking into the camera with a sly look and a smile. The boy turned his back to the photographer – his face is parents don’t show. Elisha dressed in a warm light jacket for walks in the fresh air.

“Heat!” — signed a symbolic mental picture with the youngest son of Babkin.

Fans are unable to stay away after watching the quivering of the image. They were quick to share their observations with Sergei.

  • VI Krutiy of tutus!
  • Well, very warm and wonderful!
  • What You are touching
  • Shchaslyvyi of tatoos
  • Very warm!
  • Ay, love
  • How nice to hold on to that little ball of happiness!