Happy Saint John anyway!

Happy New Year anyway!


On the eve of the Saint-Jean celebrations, I should write a hyper-enthusiastic column on Quebec.

But the remarks that Louis-Jean Cormier recently about the omnipresence of English behind the scenes at the Francos (about which Sophie Durocher spoke to you yesterday in her column) struck me. 

As if we hit me with a baseball bat behind the head.


Are we there?

Even one of our most talented and beloved artists drank the Kool-Aid of bilingualism to the dregs? We are a long way from the time when our artists fought tooth and nail to defend French…

Today, it's the environment, diversity, sexual minorities, diversity, openness to others, diversity, the fight against racism, diversity, the fight against patriarchy.

And diversity.  


Bof. Outdated. 

Anyway, it's a colonialist language, so…

The language of the majority!!!

And we know what the wokes think of the majority… 

They show him their middle finger, at the majority, well.  

No matter how much you tell them that in North America, French is a minority language, it goes in one ear and comes out the other. But no, come on, the minority language in Quebec is English!

You have to open up, Quebecers!

Open up!

Open Up!

I imagine Paul Piché, Michel Rivard, Michel Tremblay and Biz when they hear such nonsense. 

If even our artists give up the fight for French, we're heading straight for the wall!!!< /p>

Do our artists realize this?

Wasn't it enough to organize a Saint-Jean party without a Quebec flag in 2020?

Do we now have to sweep the French fight under the carpet?

Happy New Year anyway!

Happy New Year anyway!


It reminds me of the conversation I had the other day with two “anti-nationalists”. 

“Yes, but my children play with children who come from all over the world…”

“Yes, but for me, I think it's a wealth to speak several languages…”

But what does that have to do with the nationalist fight?

< p>Quebec nationalists want their children to play only with native Quebecers, right? And they don't want to speak languages ​​other than French?

But what stupid arguments…

Just the kind of fallacious arguments that Anglos regularly send us to the mouth to make us look like a bunch of retards!!!

And these two people, who are part of our intellectual elite, repeated that to me? Believing that these are excellent arguments against nationalism?


Well, the day before yesterday, I exchanged emails with an important figure in the sovereignty movement.  

“In my opinion, our problem is not so much our people as our intellectual elites,” wrote my interlocutor. The peoples, everywhere in the world, have always been advised, enlightened by elites, sometimes benevolent, sometimes malevolent, and that makes all the difference. 

“Should we blame the people of Quebec on the question of our national destiny, or rather its elites – small, fearful and easily bought – who continue to fail in their role? »

Damn good question!

Happy New Year anyway…

Happy New Year anyway!