Happy together: Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz equip a house

In early August, 46-year-old Heidi Klum and 30-year-old Tom Kaulitz tied the knot, the ceremony was held on the island of Capri. Once the youngsters returned from their honeymoon, they began to ennoble his family nest and just enjoy each other.

Счастливы вместе: Хайди Клум и Том Каулитц обустраивают дом

October 13, the couple was spotted at one of the flea markets of Los Angeles, came to the couple, accompanied by brother Tom, daughters Heidi and the dog. The family have a great and very friendly, because the weekend they decided to spend together, at the same time picking up some furniture for a joint home.

Heidi and Tom were very casual and relaxed, not paying attention to passers-by and paparazzi. They, like everyone in the crowd, drinking beer, eating pretzels drink, and most importantly are not shy about their feelings, the couple constantly kissed and hugged. To choose the right furniture they had, they purchased two huge wooden chairs, fully decorated with carving. Things antique, so are not a small amount. On the same day, Klum showed off his purchase in front of fans in Instagram, the celebrity was impressed.

The couple first saw each other on the set of German TV show, in March 2018, the couple officially stated that they are in a relationship. The New Year Tom made a sweetheart offer and in February 2019, the two of them decided to marry in secret.

Wedding ceremony for all relatives and friends took place this year in August on the island of Capri. This place was chosen not accidentally, it is here that the young spent their first vacation and realized that they were each other’s soul mates.

From the first marriage, Heidi has already four children, Tom to it calmly and accept children as their own. They often spend the entire weekend together, visiting amusement parks, and Disneyland, even a casual walk around the city they love.