Harassment allegations: Legault believes his candidate

Harassment allegations: Legault believes his candidate


Even if his candidate Marie-Ève ​​Proulx has already been the subject of numerous allegations of psychological harassment, François Legault prefers to believe his MP rather than the alleged victim of a new complaint.  

“It’s one man’s word against another man’s word. I trust Marie-Ève ​​Proulx, ”said the Prime Minister, on the sidelines of a press conference announcing a candidacy, in Laval. 

Our Bureau of Investigation revealed on Tuesday that the deputy and candidate of the CAQ Marie-Ève ​​Proulx was the subject of a new complaint of psychological harassment, according to documents obtained thanks to the Act of Access to the Administrative Labor Tribunal (TAT) . This time it was a former political aide to his county office who made the allegations. 

Mr. Legault said he spoke with the MP for Côte-du-Sud and found her version credible. She has “all his confidence”. 

“Marie-Ève ​​Proulx tells me that [the complainant] has no reason to file a complaint. […] Now, we are going to wait for the decision of the Court”, he said. 

He also alleges that this same complainant had already seized the National Assembly in connection with psychological harassment, and that the complaint had not been upheld. However, there is nothing to indicate that the allegations made to the TAT are the same as those allegedly raised in the National Assembly.

Despite the allegations and complaints that accumulate against his candidate, Mr. Legault assures that “psychological harassment is zero tolerance. » 

His Liberal opponent believes that the CAQ cannot keep ex-Minister Proulx among its candidates in the general election next October. 

“It is a question of values, a question of principles. We are in 2022. This kind of behavior no longer has its place. And François Legault continues to tolerate this kind of behavior,” denounced Dominique Anglade, when announcing his candidate in Ungava. 

“By agreeing to have candidates like these- there, François Legault endorses that and sends a very bad message to the general population, but also to our youth, ”she continued. , who believes that MPs must be “absolutely exemplary” when it comes to workplace harassment. 

“Psychological harassment is zero tolerance, but in the case of his MP for Côte-du- South, Mr. Legault prefers to believe the version of his MP […]”, denounced the PQ MP Joël Arseneau. 

For the Conservative Party of Quebec, the CAQ “lacks consistency” . 

“According to Mr. Legault, harassment is unacceptable for a minister, but trivialized for a member of parliament,” commented Chief Éric Duhaime. 

-With the collaboration of Patrick Bellerose and Gabriel Côté