Harmful to organs and carcinogenic: additives that should be avoided

Flavors, colors, preservatives, thickeners – all of these supplements food attractive to the consumer. Not all of them are safe, some substances can provoke allergies, damage organs, cause cancer.

Вредные для органов и канцерогенные: добавки, которых нужно избегать

Dyes. All natural dyes there is very little — the major share of these additives used by food manufacturers, are synthetic substances.

Yellow colourings E102, E104, E110. Skin rashes and respiratory disorder is a disease that can cause E102 (tartrazine). Scientists hold discussions on the possible carcinogenic effect of the dye

About supplements E104 there is evidence that it can cause in children hyperactivity with attention deficit. In addition, E104 promotes pseudoallergy. This Allergy, which has only the classic symptoms of allergies but does not cause any immunological reactions.

Red dye Е122, E123, E124, E127, E129. Used in meat substitutes and fish, made from vegetable protein, sauces, sweets and jams.

In addition pseudoallergy dyes E122, E124, E129 also can cause hyperactivity in children. The dye E127 is able to provoke disorders of the thyroid gland.

E123 suspected ability to damage the kidneys. In the US, this dye is prohibited – tamislemonda conducted on animals showed that it can cause cancer.

Brown dye E150, E151, E154, E155. Present in muffins, pies and other baked goods, candy, sauces, smoked products. USA products with Е150 accompanied by a marked, indicating the potential risk of cancer. Dyes E154 and E155 can cause damage to internal organs.

Preservatives. The use of preservatives, to a certain extent justified: they prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and yeast. But some of the preservatives you need to avoid.

E220 (sulphur dioxide) is a very widely used material for storage of dried fruits and ready meals. Possible reactions to this preservative can be headaches, nausea and diarrhea.

Е249 and E250 – are one of the most popular preservatives used in the production of meat products. These supplements are vasodilators and antihypertensive, which is especially harmful for children.

Thickeners. Additives such as carob gum and guar gum, improve the structure of the food. With their addition of sauces, dairy products gain nice texture. These thickeners are harmless.

E407 – thickener added to ketchups, sauces and pudding. It is excreted from the body undigested and reduces the absorption of nutrients.

Thickener E425 is often used in “glass” noodles (cellophane). This component prevents the absorption of nutrients in the intestine.

Flavors. Supplements from E620 to E625 or glutamate are addictive to the taste of the product, the desire to eat it again and again. Migraine, abdominal pain, high blood pressure can all result from drinking for glutamate in large quantity.

Sweeteners. Sweetener E951 — aspartame has been shown by experiments on animals, can cause headaches and memory loss. Supplement E999 added to bubbly drinks that can reduce the number of red blood cells or limit their function.