Harrington Harbour, the mysterious island

Harrington Harbour, the mysterious&here


If there is a small village on the Lower North Shore that fascinates, it is the one called Harrington Harbour. Located three kilometers from the coast, this fishing community was made famous by the film The Great Seduction. Even today, its economy is based on seafood products, especially crab processing. Nevertheless, its isolated geographical position has kept it away from large numbers of visitors seeking to photograph themselves in front of classic scenes from the film. Because setting foot in Harrington Harbor is not easy. In fact, it is mainly by the maritime service of Relais Nordik that one can access these places which are located approximately halfway between Sept-Îles and Blanc-Sablon. There are approximately 225 inhabitants and, interestingly, no cars. The main means of transport is the quad. The road network consists of wooden sidewalks. In some places, we notice ruts dug by the tires of all-terrain vehicles. 

While I am still in my cabin aboard the Relais Nordik ship, I learn that the stopover scheduled for Harrington Harbor is moved up. How lucky, since the schedules vary according to the conditions encountered on the journey! I'll be right on time for sunrise!

Device: DJI Mavic Air 2s

Objective: 22mm

Exposure: 1/240s at F/2.8

ISO: 100