Harvey Weinstein advised Kara Delevin to hide their orientation

Director Harvey Weinstein is known for his bad reputation in Hollywood. And once he decided to give the instruction Kara Delevin, explaining that he has been working in the film industry.

Харви Вайнштейн посоветовал Каре Делевинь скрывать свою ориентацию

According to the model, Harvey argued that understands all the rules that Hollywood needs to play a woman with a different sexual orientation. One of the first things the Director said Kara Delevin, was the fact that she will never achieve success in your career. And the reason for this is its orientation.

Find a man to cover,

he said.

Also, the actress said that Weinstein at the meeting could begin to list all the friends of famous women to find out if there was something with them at the Cart.

I thought it was just crazy,

she said. However, it is clear that the predictions of the famous Director is not true. Kara continues to be in a relationship with Ashley Benson, and with his career she was all right. Along with Orlando bloom she played a major role in the series “Carnival row”, which premiered on August 30.

Recall Delevingne, not only did not try to hide his relationship with his beloved, but also provoked rumors about the engagement. Paparazzi captured a couple rings on the ring fingers, however, it later emerged that the lovers spent only comic wedding ceremony.

Харви Вайнштейн посоветовал Каре Делевинь скрывать свою ориентацию