Have contracted COVID-19 Chinese doctors have dark skin: what is the reason

Two Chinese doctors who had contracted the coronavirus in the treatment of patients at the epicenter of the pandemic — the city of Wuhan, has experienced a dangerous disease, but their skin became very dark after being put on life support, writes the New York Post.

У заразившихся COVID-19 китайских врачей потемнела кожа: в чем причина

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Dr. Yee fan and Dr. Hu Weifan, both 42, fell ill COVID-19 18 Jan, working at the Central hospital of Wuhan.

Seriously ill, the doctors were delivered to Wuhan a hospital specializing in pulmonary diseases, and then twice were transported to other hospitals.

According to Chinese state media, changed the color of the skin of these two men was caused by a hormonal imbalance after liver damage.

But one doctor suspected that their skin is darkened due to a certain medication that they received at the beginning of treatment.

Yi Fang, a cardiologist, was connected to life support ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) for 39 days.

A device similar to a device to bypass the heart and lungs, used during open heart surgeries, pumps and oxygenates the patient’s blood outside of his body.

“When I first regained consciousness, I was scared, especially after he learned about his condition. I used to dream of nightmares, ” said Yi from your hospital.

У заразившихся COVID-19 китайских врачей потемнела кожа: в чем причина

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Hu, a urologist, was bedridden for 99 days and still very weak after the therapy ecmo from 7 February to 22 March, according to his doctor Li Shusheng.

On 11 April he only regained his ability to speak, Lee said, adding that the normal color of the skin is expected to be back when they improve liver function.

Yi and Hu worked together with Dr. Lee Vanlanen, who was punished for the world’s first sounded the alarm about the coronavirus. He died on 7 February from COVID-19.

Both men receive psychological support due to their traumatic experience.

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