‘He apologized and closed his eyes’: the famous singer died on stage during a performance in Florida

American folk singer David Olney died 18 Jan directly during a speech at a festival in Florida. About it writes BBC.

'Извинился и закрыл глаза': известный певец умер на сцене во время выступления во Флориде

Screenshot: Youtube/David Olney

As told by the musicians, who had performed with him, 71-year-old singer just performed one of the songs, when interrupted, apologized to the audience, closed his eyes and never opened. At this point he was sitting on a chair.

In a statement about the death of Olney says that the death was caused by a heart attack.

“At first everyone thought that he just made a break,” said one of the witnesses.

Scott Miller, who was on stage along with Olney said that the singer tried to resuscitate, but to no avail.

“The world lost a good man, but we have the results of his work. And they inspire,” wrote Miller.

Olney was a leading representative of the music scene in Nashville (tn).

In the early 1980s he was a member of the X-Rays, and later began a solo career.

Since then, Olney has released more than 20 albums.