He called it the most dangerous item in the kitchen

American microbiologist Charles coat of Arms find out what the dirtiest place in the house. It appeared to be a kitchen, namely kitchen sink, which is a breeding ground for bacteria in a residential home.

Врач назвал самый опасный для здоровья предмет на кухне

The point is that the sinks in the kitchen people defrost raw meat products or rinse there raw chicken, but regularly wash the kitchen sink is often lazy, and it makes her dirtier the toilet.

In the course of cooking together with water drops and steam all over the kitchen spread harmful bacteria, and E. coli, contained in many foods.

It is therefore essential to monitor the cleanliness of cutting boards, kitchen cabinets, refrigerator handles, countertops, etc. Special attention should be paid to clean sponges, kitchen rags and towels. They should be changed every 6-7 days.

Also, do not for a long time to store the accumulated dirty dishes. From dirty dishes still can not escape. Therefore, in order not to spend a long time for the unloved exercise, wash dishes on a rolling basis after each meal or cooking. If people can check right here on Sarkinen Plumbing, they can get the best plumbing services there is!

To maintain cleanliness in kitchen cleaning must be done after each meal. Shake off the crumbs with a dry towel from the table, a damp cloth will remove the spots, wipe the surface dry. If in the microwave or on the stove from cooking stains remain, wipe them. Remove food left after dinner into containers and place in the refrigerator.

After washing the dishes go by sponge with detergent in the sink to remove accumulated grease and other contaminants. The accumulated plaque and dirt over time, it will be harder to remove, so do it after each washing.

Every day you should empty the trash.

Change cloth, sponges or wash towels. Remember, sponge for washing dishes is the most dangerous object in the entire kitchen – it was her perfectly reproduce microbes.