He called the changes in body odor that can indicate disease

The smells that are suddenly starting to come from the body can indicate illness, this was told by the doctor Lin Muradova.

Врач назвала те изменения в запахе тела, которые могут указывать на болезни

The doctor reported that changes in body odor may be the first call on those diseases that are often detected only at later stages. Coming from a man smells can be different depending on the severity of the disease and its severity.

In particular, the doctor noticed that it is always important to pay attention to the appearance of unpleasant mouth odor. The first thing you need in this case to do is to checked by a dentist. In addition, the occurrence of halitosis can be associated with dehydration, tonsilitis, gastritis, kidney problems.

When the body begins to felt mouse, musty smell, it may indicate the genetic disease phenylketonuria, the Doctor said that if this issue you need to avoid eating foods that contain phenylalanine include containing artificial sweetener.

Distinct smell of acetone may be felt in diabetes. The sharp smell of beer — in an open form of tuberculosis, warned an expert.

In addition Lina Muradova added that changes in body odor can also cause cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. More precisely, this is a lot of mentions, although clear evidence of this theory today does not.